Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tatang! Inang!

Reasons Why I Go Back to Papaya:

1. Fresh foods direct from katay (manok at baboy)
2. Fresh fruits direct from pitas (kaimito, guyabano, bayabas, mangga, etc.)
3. Swimming with carabaos and chocolate sundaes in the river
4. Fresh air running through my nostrils that gives a healing touch
5. Dogs, chickens, roosters, chics, carabaos, bird, cows, pigs, worms, ducks, pabo, (this just came to me, why don't they own a cat)
6. The grand church ( grand! I tell you )
7. My inherited land
8. My grandgrandfather Emilio and my grandgrandmother (o shit! I do not know her name)

Kaw, anong inuuwian mo sa probinsya mo? Hulaan mo kung saan probinsya ko.

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