Saturday, April 11, 2009

"it is finished"

how can dying save us from sin?
everything in Christ's Passion was scripted, so why condemn Judas?
is dying for someone the ultimate expression of love?

yea... maybe it was all staged but it only proves that indeed "God is with us"


marissa said...

Judas wasn't condemned. He's forgiven. :)

All the world's a stage..and as actors, we get to play the roles of our choice. That's the beauty of free will.

Amen. ;)

John Michael said...

actualy sabi ni Fr. Dennis 2 years ago sa homily nya, may possibility na nasa heaven si judas kahit na nagsuicide sya at binetray nya si Jesus kasi nga biruin mo sio judas ang instrument para masimulan ni jesus ang pagsave sa mundo

it goes to show that indeed the Lord Almighty is the only one who will judge us in the end