Monday, February 16, 2009

hey kid

Stop This Train
" so scared of getting older... I'm only good at being young...
stop this train. I wanna get off and go back home again. I can't take the
speed its movin' in..."

In Repair
" oh it's taking so long I could be wrong, I could be ready... I am in repair...
oh and if I take my heart's advice I could assume its still unsteady... I am in repair"

Free Fallin'
"She's a good girl, loves her Mama
Loves Jesus and America too
She's a good girl, crazy bout Elvis
Loves horses and her boyfriend to yeah yeah

I'm a bad boy 'cause I don't even miss her
I'm a bad boy for breakin' her heart

I wanna free fall out into nothing
Oh I'm gonna leave this, this world for a while..."


marissa said...

You forgot the brighter side of the songs..

Stop This Train
"Once in a while when it's good, it'll feel like it should.."

In Repair
"Yes, I'm in repair, I'm not together but I'm getting there.."

Free Fallin'
"And now I'm free, free fallin', fallin'.."

and this is what I have to tell you:

No Such Thing

"They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side..

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above..

I am invincible
As long as I'm alive."

John Mayer is still a big kid. Peter Pan is a myth. Boys do grow up in time. =)

John Michael said...

alam mo ba yung feeling after magkasakit? yung parang bigalang gaan ng pakiramdam?

or yung pakiramdam nung gradeschool pa tayo na pagchristmas party and farewell party ay bakasyon na?

or yung pakiramdam after matapos lahat ng exams?

or yung pakiramdam nung grade school pa tayo na friday na at di kelanagn gumising ng maaga kinabukasan?

parang ganyan lang yan
after nyan pinagdadaanan mo may time na gagaan pakiramdam mo

"...there's a blue sky
waiting tomorrow...
maybe it's all we need..."