Friday, December 5, 2008

i want some saving grace badly

what is my purpose?

- to be. that is all there is to anybody. the antidote of to die is not to live. BE.

what is important in life?…what is important to me?

- you are important. you are life. just as i am. we all are. valuing is relative. do you really need to measure? to be exacting is to limit whatever there is to be.

am i worth of something?

- we are worth everything we are. even nobody's perfect. ;-)

why am i doing this?

- to seek answers

why do i think this is lame?

- nothing is ever really good enough. we will never get what we want. we can, however, want what we have.

what is my goal in life?

- choose. it's your call.

what is love?

- you'll know once you do.

why am i always holding myself back?

- because you are too precious to lose.

why is it so hard to be true?

- "it's easier to lie." - aqualung.

why do i have that "talk to me and you’ll get serious too" aura?

- you don't. you have the "don't talk to me coz i really have nothing to say to you" look.

why is it so hard to express?

- it's easier to impress. - me.

why do i have so many questions?

- because you need too many answers.

why do i go home after school early and feel like regretting to do it?

- because there is so much to do out there in the world.

what is contentment? can contentment hold me back from wanting greater things in life?

- although contentment is wanting what you have, it is always desirable to seek for the greater things in life.

why do i have to type in english and make this look like organized for reading?

- because somebody is bound to come across this and dare to answer.

why am i browsing up this list and taking a look if this is long enough?

- because you want to set limits and boundaries to something as inifnite as curiosity.

why am i always thinking of what others might think? ( i’m too stressed thinking about mine so, why the f*ck?)

- because sometimes it sucks to think about the same piece of s**t every single fu***n' day so to think of what other people think is a welcome change.

why do i keep on lingering on things that don’t matter?

- because although you think they don't, they actually do.

why do i keep on waiting, waiting for nothing?

- if it arrives, then you stop waiting. you wait because it's still on its way to reach you.

why am i still trying to think of more questions?

- they never end. never will.

can i get a mentor?

- sure. haha.

can i be my own mentor?

- tough. sadly, no. you teach yourself. but never become your own mentor.

what do i want?

- i wouldn't know. you would know this better than anyone else.

why am i so pessimistic?

- because life is one big sh*t.

why is the grass greener on the other side?

- if you keep stepping on the same side of grass, it dries up more easily than the side that is never walked on. it is greener because no one dares to even touch it.

if i lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?

- i have the same question. yeah, that would be nice.

why do i have this feeling that what i do is worth nothing?

- if it's nothing, there's no worth. nothing is never worth anything. all that's left are your feelings.

do i really want to get married?

- i suppose. it's very rare for people to want to live, much less die, alone.

what happens when i graduate?

- you step into a more adventurous world called bulls**t.

what do i want?

- you want what you don't have.

what do i want?

- you want what you can't get.

what do i want?

- you want what you think you want.

why is it hard for me to look someone in the eye?

- not anymore.. :)

Salamat Ma'am Sang!


Jonas said...

So... are you fine now? Good luck! :)

chia said...

marlon? :D

Enric Joseph said...

If you can't have saving grace there are many unending grace pareho lng un tol hehehe... kala mo walang katuturan? ibig sabhn nun nandito lang kaming mga tiga UST... nsa likod mo lang kami...

Luiscarlo said...


Luiscarlo said...

nasagot na ba ang iyong mga katanungan? 'di bale pre petix muna tayo for 1 week...ilang oras na lang!

John Michael said...

kaya mo yan... im sure your feeling bettter kahit papano

chia said...

lus? hehe.

marlon, whatever it is that you're currently dealing with, it shall pass. hope you're ok. :D