Thursday, October 23, 2008

acquaintance... no touch

its good to have acquaintances... cos you'll only talk about the good stuff and you'll never get any attachments...

you say hi and then you say goodbye, happy days... you both leave with good trails of memories of one another... good times good times

if you go beyond acquaintances then it gets complicated, at least for me and for those people who are not too friendly, once you go beyond acquaintances you become attached... its a risk... and i don't like taking risks cos i'm mr. play it safe... maybe that's why i'm feeling like hell right now because i feel like i know a lot of people but i don't feel like they know me at all... cos i've only been telling them about the good stuff... i think they knew that i am mr. brightside but actually i'm mr. darkside... sometimes i don't even know myself cos i deny it... well it sucks to be me

its good to talk about the bad stuff cos you get to know the other side of the person... you get to laugh about each other's mistake... i don't talk about the bad stuff... not to you or to anyone else... cos i don't like us talking about me... but i do want to get heard... who doesn't?

there are lots of listeners but only a few can be considered as good listeners... in my life, i could count them only by fingers... i am thankful... i wish i could talk to you people often

"And the moral of that story is, if there is one, never ever ever ever underestimate the power of 'I'd like that' haha..." - John Mayer

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