Friday, March 7, 2008


a sweet truth..

"when God knows ure READY for d responsibility of commitment...
He'll reveal d ryt person under d ryt circumstances..."

wait patiently... don't waste ur tym searchin and wishin.. grow and be ready... and u'll see..

GOD will give u a Love story far better than u could ever dream of...

Love is messy. it wont be confined 2 our preconceived ideas. we want love 2 just happn bt love isnt convnient. its highs are higher and its lows r lowr than we r evr prprd requires more of us thn we think we can give. it pushes us past our breaking pt, and yet we dnt break. it is unpredictable, then sedate. it tears us up whle makng us bettr. it is nvr what we xpct. Love is messy bec our desire 4 love is driven by our fears. we fear being rejctd, so we bcm people-pleasers and call it love. we fear seeming inadequate, so we look 4 a partnr who is perfct and call it having high standards. we fear looking stupd, so we keep 2 ourselves when our soul yearns to open up. we fear we are unlovable, so we hide our true self fr those we love. we are afraid 2 be w/o love , bt hw many times we are more afraid to be in love...? -Fearless Loving R.BRITTEN

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stephanie said...

may truth number 2 pa yan...nice noh? di pa kc ako tapos kya di ko pa mforward sa inyo..hehehe... chill